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Restored Concepts is committed to turning houses into homes.  Almost 20 years in the making, this passion project combines founder Jon Boerger's desire to see progress and dedication to helping others find a place to call home.  

Our portfolio of rental properties and homes for sale continues to evolve.  From our first ever purchased "investment" property, a college rental property near St. Cloud State University, to our most recent and greatest undertaking, a property we call the River House, we have dedicated ourselves to using the right tools and techniques to make you feel right at home. 


Jon Boerger, Restored Concepts' founder, has worked in the construction trades for almost 25 years.  What most people don't know about Jon, is that he has a passion for helping people, especially first time home buyers, find their home.  Jon, ever the visionary, has been able to see a property's potential, and can't wait to share his vision with Central Minnesota.  

Lynn Boerger works behind the scenes crossing T's and dotting I's.  Always living her favorite meme, A-Lady-In-The-Streets-A-Freak-In-The-Spreadsheets, Lynn spends her time creating budgets, tracking progress, and over-ordering white subway tile.  Jokes aside, Lynn believes everyone deserves a place to call home and feels that the difference between a house and home are in the details.


Jon Boerger



Lynn Boerger


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